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Game Plan

Do You Have A Game Plan To Get Your Next Home Loan

To prepare you for home ownership in twelve months or less, we offer a Game Plan program. You will work with our specialists to strategize and determine the best plan to get you ready to buy a new home.

Home Loan ProvidersThe Game Plan will be specifically tailored to your needs. For some, the plan will include establishing credit to build a strong credit score. This may involve disputing late payments of various credit trade lines. You may need to pay down certain accounts. We might also suggest closing a few open credit lines that have no balance as these can negatively affect your overall score.  For others, it will involve building a savings schedule for a down payment or rebalancing your credit load to better position you to take on a mortgage.

By working the Game Plan, you prepare yourself to meet the conditions necessary to secure a home mortgage. We will also work with you to strengthen your profile for the type of loan that best meets your needs. Different loan programs have different requirements. Our specialist will construct a game plan best suited to achieve your goals and get you the home loan you deserve.

At Kalamazoo Mortgage we really consider you our neighbor and not a number. That’s why we offer this unique service—even if you are not eligible for a loan today, we can work with you so you can have the home of your dreams tomorrow.